POI Board

The Philippine Orthopedic Institute (POI) Foundation, Inc. is an organization that is devoted to the advancement of the science of Orthopaedics in the Philippines. The Foundation was established in 1995 as a non-stock and non-profit body with a board comprised of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The Foundation’s missions are to upgrade the practice of orthopaedics, promote quality research, provide the condition for excellent orthopaedic training, and support activities directed towards new innovations in orthopaedics.

The POI Foundation established a Bone Bank in 1999. The Bone Bank keeps a stock of allografts (freshly harvested cadaver bones) that can be used in certain Orthopaedic operations where there are problems related to bone defects.

There are only a few centers in the Philippines with an active bone bank and the Foundation is honored to have one of them. The Foundation provides the fund for the procurement of new bones to replenish the inventory.

The POI Foundation established the Implant Bank in 2004. The Implant Bank was set up to provide implants to indigent Filipino patients for free or at marginal cost. The Foundation is actively soliciting for implant donations from abroad.

The Foundation supports research generated by the orthopaedic residents and consultants of the Department of Orthopaedics, Makati Medical Center (as well as in the other training institutions). The Foundation encourages studies that deal with problems indigenous to the Filipinos as well as researches that use local implants, instruments and equipment. The excellent record keeping and regular clinic follow-ups of private patients handled by the Consultant staff of the Department ensure adequate data material that can be retrieved for research purposes.

The POI Foundation is an active partner of the Department of Orthopaedics, Makati Medical Center. The Foundation provides the Department with facilities necessary in the training of the residents. The Foundation maintains an office complex that contains a conference room where the Department’s regular meetings are held.

A treatment room, the resident’s working quarters, the Implant Bank and the Bone Bank are also situated in the complex. The Foundation maintains these offices and has a full time over-all person-in-charge to attend to the needs of the Department.

The Foundation sponsors the Annual Scientific Symposium and Annual Sports Activity of the Department. Orthopaedic and other medical specialists are invited to give lectures on various topics involving the musculoskeletal system during the symposium. The Foundation prides in presenting the first teleconference-type of symposium in Orthopaedics where foreign speakers gave their talks in the comfort of their offices and these were beamed via satellite to the Philippines.

The golf tournament that the Foundation sponsors every year has been something that is (eagerly anticipated) by the medical as well as non-medical friends of the Foundation.

The POI Foundation supports the publication and distribution of materials and information aimed at the education of both health care professionals and the general public on matters involving bones and joints. These activities hope to provide everyone with the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the basics as well as provide updates on the current trends in orthopaedics.

The POI Foundation is currently involved in studies in osteoporosis, arthritis, sports medicine, bone tumor salvage surgery, trauma, the aging spine and spinal deformities.

The POI Foundation is being funded through the generous contribution of POI and Makati Medical Center Orthopaedic staff, patients of POI, private individuals both here and abroad and from the various fund raising activities.